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Students have the opportunity to enhance their work experience through summer internships and other internship opportunities. A credit-bearing course (RMSC4202 Practicum) strengthens students’ professional training and connects the classroom with the business world. Many participants have subsequently received offers to return to their positions as a result of their outstanding performance.
Some of the companies in which our students have had internships are listed below.
Students' Sharing
Niko MAN
BSc in Risk Management Science
For eight weeks last summer, I worked at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) as an intern. Each of the 23 summer interns was assigned to a supervisor. A few seminars were held to help us understand the daily operations of each department at the HKEX and give us a comprehensive picture of the company.

In the middle of the internship, the interns had a presentation contest. The contest created an opportunity for us to discover more about the global role of the HKEX, and through research and analysis develop our presentation skills. Giving a formal presentation in front of 100 people, including senior executives, provided a unique and valuable experience. In addition, I had a great time with my supervisor, who inspired me in many ways. I learned to make the extra effort and be well prepared before every meeting so that progress could be efficiently made. I learned the importance of collaboration, how each individual contributed to the team through his/her unique strengths and profession and how we could learn from each other regardless of seniority. I really appreciated my supervisor’s commitment to lifelong learning.

I gained far more from this internship than I had anticipated. I did not expect people to be so willing to give us guidance, and I did not expect such an amiable supervisor who would inspire me and teach me life lessons. I was also lucky to meet a lot of enthusiastic and crazy colleagues. Their laughter made me look forward to going to work. The work experience at the HKEX was definitely one of my most enjoyable summer moments.
Programme Details
The Risk Management Science (RMSC) Summer Research Internship Programme provides an opportunity for RMSC students to conduct a research project under the supervision of the department teaching staff with an allowance in summer. The programme aims to encourage students to engage in research activities and to be exposed to the research environment.






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Students' Sharing
POON, Ling
BSc in Risk Management Science
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark
I am glad to have the opportunity to go to Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU) for a semester-long exchange, where I met people from diverse cultural background and learnt knowledge about statistics and computer science from top-tier teachers.

Academic-wise, during my exchange in Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, I focused on computer science and statistics courses, on topics that are practical and interesting to me, like machine learning, discrete mathematics and software engineering. The teaching method of DTU is vastly different from that of RMSC programme in CUHK. They emphasize and encourage co-operation and experience by placing heavy focus on group work and project. I learnt very well under this teaching approach.

Among different courses, the machine learning course interested me the most. In the course, I co-operated with international students in a group project that aims to predict ratings of films. Although we did not find an accurate model, we gained experience in applying machine learning to real life problem. This experience stimulated my interest in data science and encouraged me to learn more and find real life application of data science.

Social-wise, at the first week I am introduced and welcomed by a buddy composed of old and new students from all countries, very alike to the “O Camp” in CUHK. They were very passionate and friendly. We went partying, drinking, visiting to city, etc. We have quite a lot of fun together and I am glad to have met them. Among many buddies, I am very friendly with a Japanese called Keisuke since we have very similar personality and hobbies. He is planning to visit Hong Kong and I will be his guide when he makes his trip.

The hall mates I lived with are also very friendly. We get to see one another every day and therefore were very close. We exchanged culture about our home countries and I learnt a lot about theirs. Before going to the exchange, I have already set myself a mission to promote Hong Kong internationally. I would tell them stories about Hong Kong, hoping to introduce them the cultural and political aspect of Hong Kong. I am very glad that they like to listen and I also get to know their countries too!

This exchange is very rewarding and I thank the Statistics Department for financially supporting students’ personal development with this scholarship.