July 7, 2016
Q1: What is Risk Management? >>
A1: Risk Management is a discipline in which quantitative analysis is performed to identify, assess, mitigate and resolve various kinds of uncertainties, such as risk in a business engagement, personal health risk and environmental risk. Our programme focuses on the professional treatment of financial risk, equipping students with the skills essential for joining the banking/finance sector in Hong Kong and overseas. To become a successful risk manager, solid training is required to be built on the rigorous foundation of Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and knowledge of Economics and Finance.
Q2: Why is Risk Management a ‘Science’ subject? >>
A2: SScience is an indispensable component in the training of a risk management expert. By practicing scientific and quantitative methodologies, students are equipped with frontier knowledge in risk management – derivative pricing theory, mathematical modelling and risk control theory. The scientific elements in our programme enable our students to adapt to the ever-changing and increasingly competitive financial environment.
Q3: What are the career prospects for RMSC students? >>

A3: Over the past decades our graduates have pursued careers as risk managers and financial analysts in various financial institutions and regulatory agencies. The financial sector requires experts in risk management who can ensure that standards issued by international regulatory bodies are adhered to and properly maintained.

Our graduates can enrich their qualifications by taking professional examinations such as Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM), or by furthering their studies in Hong Kong or overseas.